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Guided tours?

Please send an inquiry

If you want to make a booking or have a question about guided tours, please send an inquiry through the concerned package page. You can send an inquiry by clicking "Send inquiry" button on any of the guided tour pages. The package pages can be find on the main navigation at the top of this page (select "guided tours"). By doing so, your inquiry will be sent to a partner in concerned region and they will be able to answer. This contact-us page is for editorial use only.

How to get to an attraction, other directions?

Please navigate to "get there" section of concerned attraction if we have a page for the attraction in question.

If we don't have the necessary information about how to get to a certain attraction, this means we don't know how to get there by various transportation methods yet.

We normally get to the attractions with our own cars, the reason we don't know about alternative ways to get there. Our website is relatively new, we are collecting information as we travel and hoping to improve the get-there sections in near future.

If you found a way to get there, we would appreciate if you could share the information with us.

Help us with SEO/ranking?

We are doing fine

Our development team has exceptional good experience of SEO (content, usability, accessibility, responsive websites etc) as they have worked with major sites like fox.com, vodaphone.co.uk, x-factor and many more. We don't need any SEO expertise or any other help to increase our ranking. We know how to do it; by delivering quality and content!

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